Full services are on offer, some examples of which are below.  
Please note that each service is price on application (POA) as it will differ from guitar to guitar.
Your instrument will be treated the same if it is a Squire Telecaster or a vintage Les Paul - the same level of Quality, Care and Attention will be lavished! A price will be initially agreed, however if more work needs doing, or any extra cost is involved, I will not proceed until you agree both the work and the cost.

Drop off and collection is in Barnehurst in Kent, I can deliver free of charge within a small radius if agreed.

Commisioned builds

Please see my Gallery page!
I can also build you a guitar or bass to YOUR Specifications.  Although I can offer advice and guidance on this, you will need to know exactly what it is that you want as the end result. Again, the world is your oyster here, so POA!!