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About Cat Guitars - Steve Jarman

I have been working with musicians for many years, in and out of bands as a semi professional drummer.
During that time, and long before, I developed a big interest in electronics, and engineering, in both metal and wood.  My father was an expert woodworker, and taught me all I know. I took that knowledge and applied it to Luthierie, with modern tools he would have loved.  I managed to combine my experiences and talents, and constructed my first guitar at age 14.  It was not the best - BUT it made a sound with some musicality, so I was hooked!

So began the journey.\

I did not really pick up on this until I was in my 30s, making a custom body for existing 6str and 12 string necks, and then developing from there.  Basses, fretted and fretless followed, a few Telecasters, a Stratocaster, my first steel strung acoustic, a classical, two Les Pauls, Rick 4003...  

Cat Guitars started around 2020, and was named after my love for cats - I also volunteer for Bexley Cats protection as a website editor. Check out the Mother of Pearl inlays on my Jazz Cat Bass.

I love working with people, and seeing the smile on their face with something as complicated as a full design and build, or as something as simple as an intonation adjustment.

Many people have helped and encouraged me on the way and I thank them here: -
My late father Albert, Eric Newman, David Cammish, Geof Warren, David Rollins, Simon Harwood, Matthew Loxley and of course my partner Dawn, for putting up with what is now an obsession.